Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy

Arranged by Rick Fox 

Performed by Charlie Pollock, Morgan Weed, Michael Stiggers, and Jenn Colella

'Floating and Falling'

Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy 

Arranged by Rick Fox

Performed by Jenn Colella

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Meet Olivia. Passionate, complicated, and recently deceased. However, moving on to the afterlife isn’t easy when you must leave a child behind. Instead, Olivia watches her son Billy grow up from afar until she realizes he’s almost forgotten her, and what he does remember is shaded by resentment. 


When Billy, now 18, finds a letter that his mother left for him before she died, he sets off on an adventure to discover who she really was. Along the journey he meets his mother’s former girlfriend, Jessica, and uncovers a much darker side to his father, Michael. As he digs through old journals, emails, and text messages, Olivia’s memories come alive in real time and we experience her life as she lived it. Olivia tries as hard as she can to connect to her son from another plane, but once he begins digging she has no control over what he learns. Her darkest moments become his darkest moments.  When he begins to mimic her worst behaviors she’s powerless to stop him. 


Call It Love explores the extremely complicated journey everyone must travel to find out who they are, and how our journeys intertwine. A tale of sacrifice, acceptance, and family connection in the modern era, this daring new musical explores the power of love in all its forms. 

Morgan Weed as Jessica and Jenn Colella as Olivia






Chilina Kennedy performs a live version of her original song "Prisoner," from her album 

What You Find in a Bottle. 

An updated version of the song, featuring new lyrics and orchestrations, appears in

Call It Love .


New York, USA